This Congressional Recess, Take Action

By October 11, 2005General

Congress is in recess — make that “District Work Period” — for this week, to return to Washington early next week. Today, NAM President John Engler sent out this memo to manufacturers large and small, urging all to weigh in on pension legislation, energy and legal reform. Blog readers are well familiar with the energy issue. As for legal reform, the House is expected to designate the week of October 17 “Lawsuit Abuse Week”, with string of votes expected on bills that will rein in lawsuit abuse. Do you have any horror stories of lawsuit abuse? If you’re a manufacturer, you do. Take the opportunity this week to share it with your member of Congress.

Here’s the link to our recess memo and here’s a link where you can enter your zip code (see “Contact Congress” in top left corner) and contact your member of Congress on any or all of these issues. What are you waiting for? Time’s a-wastin’…..