They Keep Coming….

By October 20, 2005General

Rep. Carter (TX) has now joined. More chit-chat about fiscal stuff. Am getting e-mails from blog readers, asking the questions that are being teed up. Some are being answered, some are not. Bear with us.

Just got one (see “Comments”) about a new Contract with America. Will ask.

Rep. Carter says he wouldn’t be opposed to it, said he heard the Democrats were gong to come up with something, but a “Contract” was a little too binding for them. Says Rep. Conaway, “we have a very good agenda”, namely a debate on taxes, immigration, border security, national security, the issue is how it’s packaged.

In other words, it appears the answer is “no”…..

On taxes, people want to know about flat tax o national sales tax. Says Conaway (a CPA), we need a straightforward fair way to collect the money we need to run the government, need to beware of unintended consequences.

Rep. Cantor (VA) just joined. “Need to restore fiscal sanity to our budget process. Need to tell the American people how we’re going to pay for the effects of the hurricanes. The plan is to ensure that we can increase the amount of mandatory savings by $50 billion. We will go through the process of reducing the entitlement spending. We are also aiming to do what every household in America does when times get tough, which is to tighten the belt. Everything is on the table. Supports a 5% across the board cut, is even willing to go higher. We are going to “de-authorize” programs that didn’t get funding so that in future years they won’t add cost to the ledger. We will go through the process of pulling back money that’s still in some federal agency accounts. We will build a reserve fund to pay for the costs of hurricane damage. Time to remind people of what we are about, (i.e., limited government and providing incentives to the private sector to provide opportunity). Democrats are AWOL, have not engaged in the debate to limit waste, fraud and abuse, only interested in raising taxes.

More Cantor: “I’ve issued call to the Democrats to join us and work with us to instill fiscal sanity…” We must do what all American families do, have a budget that allows us to live within our means and stick to that budget.”

Here’s a picture of Rep. Cantor at the event.

here’s a picture of Rep. Carter at the event.