The Week Ahead: A Nominee….?

By October 3, 2005Judicial Nominations

This will be a busy week, with the debate on energy to begin in earnest (see below). However, if the President announces his new nominee for the Supreme Court, it will dwarf all else that is going on, as the ad hominem attacks will begin instantly from the left, with vigor. The Washington Post noted with disdain in its editorial last week that both the People for the American Way and the Alliance for Justice (a couple of misnomers if ever there were) are both poised to pounce on the new nominee, regardless of who they are. “The liberal groups”, said the (liberal) Washington Post, “have made it clear that they will oppose any nominee from this Administration, regardless of qualifications, temperament, or testimony.” So much for reasoned debate. We actually have criteria — what a concept.

This week, we will work in the usual round of stuff, including one likely Report from America, the Poster and the Thursday Open Thread.

Stay tuned.