The Wednesday Poster: Industry…Producing for your defense

By October 19, 2005Miscellaneous

Industry, producing for your defenseYou’d think we’d never exhaust our supply of these vintage posters, eh? Well, here’s another that we found in the archives. Like last week’s, it features a picture of Uncle Sam (How many of you know the story of Uncle Sam?) who is leading a family toward the factory.

This ad was first seen in 1941 during World War II when manufacturers were on the front lines–producing for your defense–as the poster says.

But like all posters we’ve featured, the message is timeless (we actually think that given all the contributions of manufacturers have made in helping fight the War on Terror that we could get away with printing these again and nobody would ever know they were dated). What is stated on the poster is still true today: industry is vital to security and welfare and provides the means for defense of our traditional American freedoms.

You can click on the image to see a larger version of the poster or check out the links below for a downloadable “wallpaper” version of this poster for your PC. Enjoy!

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