The Saturday Video: Industry on Parade

By October 1, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

From 1950 – 1960, the NAM sponsored a weekly program on national TV called, “Industry on Parade.” Each week featured a few segments highlighting various manufacturing processes. These are now housed at the Smithsonian, but we were able to retrieve a few of them and wanted to post them here as our Saturday video. As we said a day or so ago, think of this as a cross between the Saturday video and the vintage posters: a little history, a little how-to.

This first reel is fun. It shows the process of titanium mining and production, linoleum, Baldwin pianos (we don’t think the lady at the end is really playing) and our favorite –a remote-control lawn mower. Wish we had one of those today….

We’ll be posting more of these in the weeks ahead, interspersed with some from modern day. We just thought it would be retro and fun to go down memory lane a bit. In the process, you’ll see how far manufacturers have come in the areas of environmental protection and worker safety, where we are now at the forefront. These are from the old days, so view them in that context. Sit back and enjoy “Industry on Parade.”

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