The Saturday Video: ‘Industry on Parade’

By October 8, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Cool Stuff Being Made”, another step back in time to our weekly TV show that ran from 1950-1960 called, “Industry on Parade“. This week’s show, a 13-minute reel, features the following:

Ropes of Steel! Manufacturing wire rope. E. H. Edwards Co., San Francisco, CA.

Fabricating Fiber! Manufacturing fiber boxes and paper. Continental Diamond Fiber Co., Bridgeport, PA.

Decorative Dummies! Manufacturing mannequins. American Fixture & Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, MO.

Payload Control! Centralized control system for United Air Lines, Denver, CO.

You’ll see shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, of “vulcanized cotton fiber” being made, and of mannequins made of laminated plastic. Finally, you’ll see an incredible paper-and-pencil system for tracking United Airlines reservations and operations. It’s amazing it worked at all.

In any event, as we like to say, this is a mix between “Cool Stuff Being Made” and our vintage posters. We received some great feedback on last week’s reel and we have a few more to go. Click here to enjoy this one.