The NAM Takes to the Airwaves, v. 21

By October 30, 2005General

weekly radio showOn this week’s show, you’ll hear from a controversial author who argues that political correctness can be harmful to businesses. Imagine that. Then, the president of the National Academy of Engineering joins us to discuss a new report that urges remedies for our educational and research deficiencies, what NAM President John Engler calls “the innovation deficiency”. (Remember this chart?) We also talk with the Discovery Channel’s Executive Vice President on its annual science contest and the winner, a 14-year old girl. With Halloween right around the corner, we also chat with a spokeswoman from the National Confectioners’ Association and welcome the on-air debuts of Manufacturing America’s Future producers Kat Snodgrass and Marissa Gandelman. We do all this along with music from Sam Cooke, Thomas Dolby and the Strangeloves.

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