‘The Finest Court in the Nation’

By October 15, 2005Judicial Nominations

Don’t know if you caught this great op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, touting “The Finest Court in the Nation“, namely the Michigan Supreme Court. We take great pride in this, in that the majority of the court was either directly appointed by or supported by our boss, former Michigan Governor and now NAM President John Engler.

Those of you who know him know he speaks quite passionately about the need to have good judges, those who will interpret the law and not act as quasi-legislators. Certainty is in inverse proportion to litigation, so the more certainty they can build in, the fewer lawsuits we have and we can begin to reduce the crushing costs of lawsuit abuse in this country.

Says the op-ed by Patrick Wright, “For the past six years, the Michigan Supreme Court has been leader in attempting to restore a proper balance between the judiciary, the legislature and the people.” Chief Justice John Roberts, in his confirmation hearings, talked of a judge as an umpire, not a batter. Governor Engler appointed men and women to the Michigan Supreme Court who understood that role and have applied it well, not adventuring into areas reserved for legislators. It is exactly the kind of temperament we need in all the courts, and certainly why we endorsed John Roberts. (Our Judicial Review Committee will evaluate Supreme Court Harriet Miers in due time as well, according to the same established criteria.)

In any event, we just wanted to say bravo to the Wall Street Journal for a great piece and to John Engler , for practicing what he preaches and leaving a legacy of predictability on the finest court in the Nation.