The Enviro-Grinches Who Stole Christmas

By October 21, 2005General

Enviro-GrinchA great blurb by Al Kamen in Wednesday’s Washington PostIn the Loop” column about the environmentalists’ latest blunder, maybe halting the National Christmas, er, Holiday Tree from making it to Washington in time for it’s December 8 lighting.

Apparently, says Kamen, the “enviros won a federal district court ruling…to slow commercial activities, such as logging, in the national forests.” And so began this imbroglio. As a result of the suit, the Forest Service and Justice Department are being very careful about what they take out of the forest, even if it’s the National Christmas — sorry, Holiday — Tree. So now it’s mired in this regulatory process, with no guarantee that it’ll make it out by Christmas or Hanukkah. In fact, at the rate they’re going, it might not make it ’til Purim.

So if there’s no Christmas, uh, Holiday Tree to celebrate, thank an environmentalist.