‘Take Us Out to the Ballgame….’

By October 9, 2005General

A report this week from consulting firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas says that the baseball playoffs will cause some $225 million in lost productivity among the US workforce. Why is this? Well, according to their numbers, if employees only tune in to the day games for 30 minutes, it gets you to $225 million in lost productivity. We wonder if the folks at Challenger, Gray factored into the plus side of there equation the general mirth felt by fans of winning teams, or the uptick in productivity felt by Yankee fans once the Red Sox were eliminated? Did anybody think of that? Probably not. If so, we think that -$225 million just might turn into a + number of equal value. And after all, who can put a number on good karma?

So good luck to all the teams that are still alive and to their loyal fans. Even if their productivity dips a little bit, it’s the national pastime and it sure is fun. Enjoy!