Saturday Video: More ‘Industry on Parade’

By October 15, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

As promised, this week we reach back to our last and final vintage reel from “Industry on Parade“, the weekly TV show sponsored by the NAM that ran form 1950-1960, on Saturday mornings. When we get a few bucks ahead, we’ll buy a couple of more episodes.

This week’s installment includes a tribute to the most popular mode of transportation in New York City — and the safest, they point out — the elevator. It’s a a nice piece on the Otis Elevator Company, well-know the world over.
The next segment is on innovation and eyeglass holders. There’s one on the “Yard Hand”, a yard-sized tractors and (after a short plug for reforestation and the lumber industry), a piece on the manufacture of molasses from sorghum.

Here’s a link to the Saturday Video, another installment of “Industry on Parade.” We’ll go back to modern-day stuff next week.