Report from America: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

By October 5, 2005Report from America

Report from AmericaWas in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina yesterday — not known to be a manufacturing town. Was there to keynote the 29th Annual Conference of CAI, a member of the NAM’s Employer Association Group (EAG). It’s headed by Bruce Clarke, a sharp guy and a good friend, a reformed lawyer who in his few years at the helm of CAI has made a great impact — both in North Carolina and in the National EAG leadership. Now if only he could work on his golf swing….

In any event, there were about 150 folks there — a really great, responsive and alert crowd who suffered through the blogger-in-chief’s dronings with nary a boo or a catcall. Many in the crowd — probably most — were HR people so they had a high tolerance for pain, and for boredom.

The first question came from an NAM member who asked, “As an NAM member, what’s the single most important thing I can do?” Easy answer: the Prosperity Project, a powerful tool for empowering employees to get informed and involved in the political process. NAM members can link to it for free. If you’re not using this employee communications tool, you should be. Click here to drop an e-mail to our Public Affairs department and they’ll get you started. It’s easy and it’s free. Why wait?

The speech as about globalization, more or less. Here’s a link to the slides from today. Thanks again to CAI for their hospitality.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to find an Employer Association Group in your area, just go to this link. They are chock full of resources and are part of the NAM network.