Report from America: Louisville, Kentucky

By October 11, 2005Report from America

Report from AmericaToday found the blogger-in-chief in Louisville, Kentucky (faithful blog readers know this is the second trip there recently), this time to speak to the Adhesive and Sealant Council 2005 Fall Convention and Exposition. Thanks to their President (and sometimes blog reader) Larry Sloan, and to Bob Willis and others who helped make this gig go off without a hitch.

Talked a lot about the importance of manufacturing, the challenges we face and what we need to do about it. As for the latter point, it’s all about carrying the manufacturing message out there. Does your Member of Congress know what’s happened to your energy costs? Do they know how much you spend on health care and how many souls — let’s call ’em voters — you insure? Do they know how much you pay in taxes and how many teachers’ salaries that pays? If not, they should.

Lots of good questions from the audience, many about careers in math and since, the loss of our innovation if we don’t have engineers, the importance of getting kids into manufacturing careers, questions on health care, pensions, the whole gamut.

Just wanted to give a shout out to the ASC and their great leadership, and to a very polite crowd that listened patiently (if not intently), gathered there, a few hundred of the best manufacturers in the world. We salute them all.

Here’s a link to the slides from today’s presentation.