Report From America: Las Vegas

By October 19, 2005Report from America

Report from AmericaTuesday found the Blogger-in-Chief in the Capital of Glitz and Kitsch, an uncharacteristically rainy Las Vegas. After all, there wouldn’t be a Las Vegas with manufacturers, as we make all those implements of financial ruin. Spoke to the FLIR Inframation Conference, a good-sized and attentive group, gave ’em the old time religion about manufacturing. Here’s a link to the slides used there.

However, the undisputed highlight of the trip was the flight back, where the blogger-in-chief spied none other than New York Times Judith Miller on the same flight.

But we digress. All in all it was a good trip — except for the torrential rain and a $5 loss — in quarters — to the manufactured products of Las Vegas. Thanks to Bob Vavra of Plant Engineering Magazine and to David Francoeur of FLIR for the invite and the hospitality.