‘Record Energy Prices Breathe New Life into Push for Offshore Drilling’

By October 27, 2005Energy

These are not good days to be an environmental activist. The enviros are clearly on the run as public ire rises and people get wise to the fact that we are all literally paying the price for 30 years of bad decisions on energy in this country. If President Clinton hadn’t vetoed the bill allowing exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (a place the size of South Carolina with a drilling footprint the size of Dulles Airport), we’d be getting our first oil from there these days. Oh, well, chalk it up to another bad decision for which we pay, and pay, and pay. (In fact, the Washington Post has an article today entitled, “Environmentalists Make Last Stand on Alaska Drilling.” Let’s hope it’s the last stand and this part of the common-sense solution finally happens.)

Here’s a link to a Knight-Ridder article by Kevin Hall from yesterday entitled, “Record Energy Prices Breathe New Life Into Push for Offshore Drilling“. It quotes our boss, Gov. Engler, as saying that the environment (no pun intended) is right for action here, to expand exploration of the Outer Continental Shelf. It’s environmentally safe and will help all American lower their heating bills.

Says the article simply, “Environmentalists oppose expanding offshore exploration.” Of course they do. They’re solution? Energy efficiency. It’s fair to ask, isn’t it, “How’s that going….?” Click here to let your Member of Congress and Senators know you want them to do something about energy prices.