Reaction to Dems’ Energy Plan Mixed

By October 20, 2005Energy

Click below to continue reading some of the reaction posted on Sen. Reid’s blog to his plan. We feel his pain — blogs can be a risky business, as readers will often share what’s on their minds. Not always good when you’re the Senate Minority Leader, hoping to move people forward on an energy plan, as you’ll see….

Hey Harry,

Looking for more fuel efficiency and alternative fuels is great, but:

How about drilling in ANWR and elsewhere domestically?
How about building more refineries?
How about modernizing the electrical power grid?
How about building more nuclear power plants?
How about building more clean-burning coal power plants?

I didn?t see anything about any of that in the Democratic proposal. Just some vague ?make use of all of our energy sources? statement.

I’m 43 years old & have not read one new idea or proposal from your party. You talk about how bad things are but then we the public get no new ideas from you or other members from your party why should i vote for you?

The liberals have an energy policy, Where is it ?
All I ever hear from you critters is more
refinery capacity will pollute the environment,
Oil is dirty and cause smog, use sunshine and windmills !

You can’t have it both ways as always the greater unwashed are getting smarter and your usual spiel is falling on deaf ears !

No mater what we do as a country there will always be some segment that will object on some grounds perhaps that we are
unbalancing the universe by using some much Hydrogen ,
there will be an universal catastrophe with a
shortage of new star formation due to reduced
Hydrogen cloud formation or some such madness .

Yours party is the abode of the fringe, the lost the confused and
any who are truly from outer space ! Where else will they be welcomed with open arms and such wild enthusiasm and joy ?

Whatever weird ideas percolate up from any
overactive imagination will find a kindred spirit under your “BIG TENT” .Some may call this acceptance and tolerance but at times it is better called madness !

Most people are tolerant to an extent but
practicality usually prevails and repeatable results are demanded !

Time for Liberal/Socialists show and tell, show
us the body of your alleged energy policy !

The US economy will tank in a few months if this nonsense goes into effect!!!


You couldn’t be farther from reality than any other liberal lunatic that I hear from.
This country has not built an oil refinery in 20 plus years, and usage will continue to go up. Instead we pay more for processed oil, created by overseas jobs.
Create new refineries in this country, and jobs in them and purchase unrefined crude, ie less expensive, and process the oil here in our own country. It makes sense.
But you’d rather create more bureaucracy and force the auto companies to create new solutions. No bad in and of itself, but there is no need for the government to mandate that. I’m sure, given your way that you’d rather eliminate the sport utility vehicle/trucks to force the conservation of fuel. Limit our choices. Let the government decide what is best for us. Typical liberal lunacy at it’s best.
Thanks for the forum

The democrat plan for high milk prices is to shoot half the cows to punish the greedy dairy industry.
Harry, your buddies in the House last week even got some republicans to vote for $5/gal gasoline.
Every silly little hamster wheel power scheme mentioned above has proven to depend on heavy subsidies and/or heavy punishment for the real producers.
Here’s an exercise for you and your readers — Rig levers or pulleys enough to allow you to lift 550 pounds one foot in one second. Now do that 60 times every minute and you get the work of one 20 amp 120 volt circuit. This is what you propose to replace with science fair projects and abstinence?

Those new jobs the democrat energy plan will create — rickshaw drivers?


2020??? Get real. The energy crisis is today because the Clinton Administration never had an energy policy. I read your Democrats letter about Energy Independence. All of the positive aspects of the Bush Energy Plan were scrubbed by the obstructionist Democrats. Your letter is full of buzz words but does nothing, it has no ideas or solutions.