On Energy….

By October 20, 2005General

Just asked an energy Q. Now here are Reps. Chocoloa (In), Pearce (NM), Gingery, joining the others.

On energy. Marsha Blackburn points out that we’ve not build a refinery here in 30 years, and Pres. Clinton vetoed any exploration in ANWR. Need to speed permitting process, we’re spending $8 billion to explore new sources of energy, notes the impact on commodity prices of energy.

Scott Garrett notes that they’ve passed 2 major energy bills, and notes that hey take into account environmental issues. Need new energy sources, but need to be sensitive to environmental concerns, and we have been, he says.

Chris Chocola (IN) was a manufacturer before coming to Congress, understands the impact of energy prices on manufacturing. There are consequences to our years of action of inaction. We have no refineries, no exploration in ANWR. This guy gets it, by the way, as does Marsha Blackburn.

Rep. Pearce of NM also notes these high energy prices are the consequences of our acts. We need a long-term fix, but we need some short-term relief, to access new energy replies.

Rep. Gingery worked at a nuclear plant while in college. Nuclear power is clean, cheap and safe. We need new sources and we need conservation. They go hand-in-hand.