Now Its All Crystal Clear…

By October 13, 2005General

We’ve been wondering lately why the Blogger-in-Chief has been on a writing torrent and along comes this article from The Washington Post which may explain everything. Writer Yuki Noguchi tells of people who are resorting to blogging as a method of therapy.

Here are few interesting items from the article:

-Nearly half of bloggers consider blogging a form of therapy, according to a recent survey sponsored by America Online Inc.

-One hospital in High Point, N.C., started devoting space to patients’ blogs on its Web site.

-One woman who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer uses blogging to share nearly everything online. She notes in the article, “after I was diagnosed, the first people I turned to are my friends and journaling buddies…They’re never failing with support and encouragement.”

Some futurists predict that one day people might only communicate via blogs.

For now, we’ll settle on the therapeutic aspect of blogs.

Back at headquarter’s, several of us are banking on the Blogger-in-Chief having a mid-life crisis as he prepares for a milestone birthday…so we think its a safe bet is to keep watching this space and expect even more entries in the future from the BIC.

Thanks to the Blogger-in-Chief for allowing this rare entry by his humble apprentice and to Deputy Apprentice Peggy Ireland for sharing the article.