By October 20, 2005General

Discussion shifts to revenue side: reactions to President’s Tax Advisory Panel.

Rep. Dreier and Rep. Diaz-Balart have just joined us…

Republicans are committed to limit the size and scope of government, says Rep. Dreier. This goes beyond spending to the reach of the federal government. Quoting Reagan, he says the aim is to increase personal responsibility.

“Devastating blow” of Hurricane Katrina has created a “big challenge” for us. As for the President’s panel, wishes they’d be “more bold” in their proposals, like a flat tax. Wants them to be more “growth-oriented.”

More Dreier: “Allowing people who create jobs ot invest that money is the single most important thing we can do. Need to continue bold, strong, dynamic growth.”

Rep. Diaz-Balart: “Let’s not believe the spin” about what the Republicans are doing on the budget. The reality is this: This GOP majority, with no help from the other side, consistently fights back against huge increases in spending and taxes.”

“Democrats aren’t going to support one penny in spending cuts. Republicans are trying to reduce the size of government.”

Reps. Kingston (GA)., Blackburn (TN), Garrett (NJ) (the cradle of civilization) have just joined. The Speaker is on his way.

Here’s a photo of the Blogger-in-Chief asking a question of Rep. Blackburn.