More Truth on Kyoto

By October 8, 2005Energy

Under the heading “Kyoto? Mama Mia!”, there was a great op-ed in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal by Italy’s Defense Minister Antonio Martino, debunking many a myth about the Kyoto treaty and its effects. Among other canards dismissed by Minister Martino are these:

“[T]here is no scientifically sound link between rising global temperatures and an increase in the frequency and intensity of hurricanes.” Citing National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield’s recent testimony, Martino reminds readers that a season similar in intensity to this one was seen in 1915.

And this: “The impact of Kyoto on the average global temperature will be negligible at best.”

He talks about the “squeaker” 95-0 vote in the US Senate to not support the Kyoto accords and talks about the effects of the Kyoto accords on the signatories: “Compliance with the Kyoto Protocol will punish even the existing energy-producing capacity by capping emissions.” As a result, he says, “The cost of energy in Italy….will go up even more.”

All in all it’s a great piece and one we’d recommend. We’ll write more on this topic this weekend. The tide is clearly turning against the environmentalists in the post-Katrina world as people begin to think for themselves and understand the law of supply and demand. And this is before their heating bills skyrocket this winter….

Here is the link to the op-ed.