More on High Energy Costs: The ‘Preventable Crisis’

By October 11, 2005General

Here’s a story from the AP wire noting that Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) is pushing the Administration to increase funding for a $2 billion energy program to help the poor pay heating bills which, the story notes — and as we have noted — are expected to increase about 47 percent this winter.” Says Kerry, “It is critical … to avoid a looming but absolutely preventable crisis for millions of American families.”

Now, we think anything that can be done to help the poor afford to heat their homes is a good thing. But Sen. Kerry speaketh with forked tongue. If he were really serious about this “preventable” crisis, he’d be pushing for expanding nuclear energy and finding new sources of energy through exploration of ANWR and the Outer Continental Shelf, all things that he opposes. We can pour as much money as he wants into the symptoms, but we should be treating the disease too, no? The preventable crisis is falling too far behind on the supply side of the supply/demand energy equation. Kerry, et al, should save their crocodile tears and get to work on solving the “preventable crisis”.

As we noted yesterday, when the poor are shivering this winter, they can thank all those who stand in the way of increasing supply, thereby driving up prices for everyone.