More on Energy

By October 23, 2005Energy

It was a busy week last week and the weekends give us a chance to catch up on stuff we didn’t have the time or the room to post during the week. This is one of those. It’s an excellent editorial from last Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal entitled, “Agony and Energy“. it applauds the vote on the energy bill that passed earlier this month, and ladles scorn on those who voted against. Most of the points therein have since been echoed in our day on “Blog Row“, but here are some snippets:

“The real shame is that even two hurricanes and $3 gasoline can’t get some politicians to understand that the U.S. needs to increase its energy production.”

Noting that the bill passed along purely partisan lines, without a single Democrat voting in favor, the Journal says:

“If you want to know why your heating and gasoline bills will be so high this winter, look no further than those who opposed this measure.”

In closing , there’s this:

“[The Republicans] are letting themselves get pasted for supporting ‘industry’ — as if someone else is going to refine gasoline or drill for natural gas. They need to start telling voters that a major cause of high energy prices are limits on oil and gas exploration and production.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Once again, here’s the link.