More on ANWR: Deficit Reduction

By October 28, 2005General

As if the benefits of ANWR exploration aren’t already obvious, we have one more: deficit reduction. Yup, yesterday, there were two key ANWR votes, both of which turned out favorably for anyone who wants to see our energy independence increase. The House Resources Committee and the Senate Budget Committee both passed measures that would open ANWR to exploration. Why does this have federal budget implications? Well, opening ANWR would generate $2.4 billion in lease sales. That ain’t exactly chump change, even in Washington. What’s more, royalties payable to the federal government are expected to exceed $1 billion per year for some 30 years once production begins. In fact, for you Fourth Estate blog readers out there, you should know there’s a press event in the Senate this morning at 11:30 in S-211 to continue pushing ahead on ANWR.

For the rest of you, there are still some key votes left, so please do click here to let your Member of Congress and Senators know you’re tired of high energy prices, tired of 30 years of moratorium and let them know it’s time to open up the supply a bit in the hopes that prices may actually start to ease.