By October 20, 2005General

Dan Lungren (CA) has joined, along with Katherine Harris (FL), Mark Kennedy (MN).

Lungren: No one comes to tell us we’re spending too much money. Everyone wants us to spend more money — on their projects. Many are good ideas, but should they be funded by the federal government? Town Hall meetings are very important.

Rep. Harris re: fiscal responsibility, it’s issue #1. There’s a 99% increase in spending in education spending since 2001. Discretionary spending has soared. We should do what the private sector does.

Rep. Kennedy: Has introduced the line item veto. We need to give the President the ability to “cut out the nonsense.”

On blogs, says Rep. Harris, she loves reading them. Who knew? Gets “unfiltered” view. Rep. Kennedy: mainstream media in MN is caught in “Humphrey-Mondale” mode. It keeps the mainstream media honest.