Merit: Who Needs it?

By October 6, 2005General

There was a short story in Congress Daily yesterday by Alyson Klein about Congress’ attempts to overhaul federal personnel practices, and a hearing on Wednesday on the topic by the House Government Reform Federal Workforce Subcommittee. “The Administration earlier this year circulated its proposed legislation,” she writes, “which the White House contends would move agencies toward a more flexible personnel system that rewards high-performing employees.” What a concept, and apparently a foreign one here in Washington. Read on:

Now comes Colleen Kelly, president of the National Treasury Employees Union who said they would likely oppose the legislation as drafted. Among their concerns, she said, was that in a recent survey of her members, “98 percent of employees said they wold not support a system through which managers were given the authority to determine who gets pay raises.” Right — we wouldn’t want to start that now, would we? We’re sure none of our manufacturers would dare let managers determine who gets pay raises and who doesn’t.

Anybody want to make the case for merit…?