Manufacturers Take America Out to the Ballgame, v. 4: Bottom of the Ninth, Bases Loaded

By October 13, 2005General

baseball.jpgWhat was life like – at least baseball like – before those huge electronic scoreboards came into being? It’s a time most can’t remember, mainly because the entertainment and information displayed across the massive scoreboards in baseball stadiums are vital to fans, and even players, alike as we all keep track of the numbers and images of the game.

Fortunately, the leader in the field of manufacturing scoreboards, and all other types of message signs, is NAM-member Daktronics. Based in Brookings, S.D., the 843-person small and medium manufacturer (SMM) makes scoreboards for all types of sports stadium, including the huge board at Jacobs Field where the Cleveland Indians play. The game may be on the field, but when the action slows or a fan needs quick statistics, it’s the scoreboard, and Daktronics, there to make the baseball experience complete.