Manufacturers Take America Out to the Ballgame, v. 2: Hot Dogs, Anyone?

By October 11, 2005General

baseball.jpgBaseball without food is not something most people want to contemplate. And baseball food starts and ends with hot dogs. They may sell every type of delicacy known to man at stadiums today, but the hot dog endures as the mainstay loved by young and old alike.

Since the inception of the modern-day World Series in 1903, there have been 14 intra-urban competitions, also known as “Subway Series,” to determine baseball’s best. Yet for two hot dog companies, they battle it out every day to keep the supply of hot dogs rolling in and outside the stadium.

Berks Packing Company is located in Reading, Pa. while fellow rival Dietz & Watson calls Pennsylvania burg Philadelphia its home. Both make excellent and healthy hot dogs, and besides being from the same state, they both started doing business in the 1930s way before nachos and cheese came to the ballpark. Dietz & Watson lives by the slogan “World’s Best Deli,” and Berks by the motto, “We make it right. Or…we make it right.”

Baseball without hot dogs is unimaginable, and hot dogs without these two NAM members are too.

Tune in tomorrow for another installment of “Manufacturers Take America Out to the Ballgame”