Manufacturers Only: Want More Business?

By October 17, 2005General

As you regular blog readers know, we often post stuff here for manufacturers interested in penetrating new markets (translation: getting more business). This is one of those.

Are you interested in exporting to the EU? The EU has launched an online Export Help Desk, featuring data on the import requirements and tariffs and taxes of the 23 EU member states. Although it’s designed to assist exporters from developing countries, exporters from the USA can freely use it for more info on requirements and taxes, import tariffs, customs documents, rules of origin, and trade statistics, as drop down menus for “Country of Origin” include the USA. Check it out at this link.

Of course, we’d never recommend a website without checking it out for you – we tried “wild Atlantic salmon” (obviously we wrote this ’round lunchtime) and country of origin “United States” and found that our delicious wild Atlantic salmon lunch would be charged 2% tariff to enter the EU. Well, whaddaya know…?

You need to know your harmonized code to use the site. If you have any exporting questions, call Judy Ebner, NAM’s U.S. Commercial Service officer in residence at (202) 637-3000.