Manufacturers & Halloween, v4: Halloween Isn’t Just Costumes and Candy …

By October 31, 2005General

halloween.jpgHas anyone noticed that the linen closets of America seem a little emptier around the end of October? Here’s one idea as to where all those extra rolls of toilet paper went…

Although we don’t condone it (nor do most parents), Halloween sparks a greater level of mischievousness in children. And although NAM member company Procter & Gamble may not see a surge in Charmin purchases at the end of October, there’s a pretty good chance their product might be “decorating” the trees of neighborhoods across the country on Halloween.

John Hoberg & Co., predecessor to the Charmin Paper Company, was established in Green Bay, Wis., in 1891, and in 1928, Hoberg registered the Charmin name and design as trademarks for his new toilet tissue. Charmin became so successful that the Hoberg company later changed its name to the Charmin Paper Company.

Procter & Gamble acquired Charmin in 1957 and throughout the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, American consumers became so familiar with Charmin’s advertising that most people can still remember what Mr. Whipple pleaded to his grocery store customers: “Please, don’t squeeze the Charmin!”