‘Loose Nukes’: An Update

By October 17, 2005General

Loose NukesFor those of you following the “Loose Nukes” story on ABC, suffice it to say that ABC is — pardon the expression — in the bunker on this story, hoping the storm will pass over. It is hard to imagine a worse lapse of journalistic standards since Dan Rather retired. These interns who were party to this mis-adventure should all get F’s in the course.

Over on the excellent NEI blog, you’ll see rebuttals from several victims of this story: Ohio State, U of Maryland, U of Wisconsin, U of Utah and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (The NRC now has a page on its website dedicated to the response to this specious story.) As we noted below, somebody had already weighed in from MIT, pointing out the many egregious holes in the story.

Not sure whether ABC plans a mea culpa or a correction, but it seems that for all the fear they sowed in America, they ought to do something. This reminds us of the famous 1938 Orson Welles broadcast of “War of the Worlds” that put a nation in panic. In the end, it was all fiction. This is no less so.

As for the interns, perhaps they might pursue a more honorable career. Manufacturing, maybe?