‘Loose Nukes’: ABC Dives Deeper Into the Bunker

By October 19, 2005General

Loose NukesUh-Oh. Things not going great over at ABC as the fallout continues over their reckless week-long reporting on alleged (in fact, fabricated) security breaches at university nuclear research facilities. First, the bad stories keep pinging in. Here’s one from the AP and here’s one from the Kansas City Star. (Kansas State was one of the victims of ABC’s scare piece, remember.)

Then, to make matters worse, in the face of a torrent of criticism and hoping it’ll all go away, (which it won’t), they’ve pulled the discussion board at the ABC site. Isn’t it amazing how a media company can do damage control so poorly? Hide and it’ll go away.

And finally, we now find out — thanks to continued great work by Eric McErlain and the NEI blog — that apparently a lefty anti-nuke group served as a consultant to ABC on this story.

ABC is clearly in the bunker hoping this will all pass over. However, they have some serious ‘splaining to do. The Carnegie folks have some ‘splaining of their own to do, as all these interns were Carnegie Fellows and this was hatched in tandem with them. By cooperating in this travesty, the Carnegie folks have dramatically lowered their standards quite publicly. Not sure what they’re going to do about it, but they need to say something soon.

And the interns? According to the AP story by David Bauder, two have been rewarded for their sloppy work with jobs at ABC News and reporter Brian Ross is quoted as saying he hopes the network will hire more. If one of these interns really wanted to be honest and principled (anybody remember honesty and principles…?), they would come forward and do a forthright story on the whole scam.

Any takers…?