‘Launch Your Association Into the Blogosphere’

By October 29, 2005General

Today found the Blogger-in-Chief and the Blogger’s Apprentice along with Eric McErlain of NEI Nuclear Notes speaking to a group of trade associations which are part of the NAM’s Council of Manufacturing Associations.

The following Groups attended:

Adhesive and Sealant Council
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
Fabricators & Manufacturers Association
Flexible Packaging Association
International Sign Association
National Electrical Manufacturers Association
National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association
The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies (NPES)
Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute
Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association
Plumbing Manufacturers Institute
Salt Institute
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
The Chocolate Manufacturers Association

They heard us wax rhapsodic about the joys of blogging. Of course we have the smartest damned blog readers on the planet, something we don’t think the rest can aspire to, but hey — they can dream, can’t they? We told of our odyssey over the last year, from John Engler’s initial OK to traffic numbers today that we only dreamed about then. We also promised tons of consulting time to the folks from the Chocolate Manufacturers Association in return for some of that sweet stuff. We were pretty shameless, actually.

Thanks to Stephen Gold and Noah Cohrssen of the Council of Manufacturing Associations, both visionaries in their own right, who see this coming trend and wanted to be of service to their members. All in all, it was a good session and we think a bunch of them will dip their toe into the blogosphere as a result. At least we hope so.