In Memoriam: Rosa Parks

By October 30, 2005General

It was 50 years ago that Rosa Parks refused to surrender her seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama and with that quiet yet powerful act, lit a movement that swept that nation and maybe even the world. Today and tomorrow she will “lie in honor” in the Rotunda of the US Capitol, an honor reserved for only 29 people throughout our nation’s history. Among those were Presidents and Unknown Soldiers of World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Rosa Parks was a soldier of a different kind, in a battle for freedom just as important as those fought half a world away.

We remember her today and we salute her. In these days of media spin and multi-million dollar ad buys, she will serve as a constant reminder to citizens and schoolchildren who wonder if one person, one life can ever make a difference. By sitting she made a stand. In the process of that simple but powerful act she freed a Nation’s conscience and began a very long march for equality.

May her soul rest in peace. May her memory be ever restless in our all our souls.