Friday Follies: Dull Men of the World, Unite!

By October 14, 2005Friday Follies

Friday FolliesNow here’s a website that will inspire dull men everywhere. This one is tailor-made for the blogger-in-chief and we’re thinking that many of you blog readers will relate to it as well. It is the Dull Men’s Club (Motto: “Celebrate the Ordinary”), self-described as “A place — in cyberspace — where Dull Men can share thoughts and experiences, free from pressures to be in and trendy, free instead to enjoy the simple, ordinary things of everyday life.” Wow — what’s not to love….?

This is a gold mine of the ordinary. You can get tips on how to rake leaves (October is leaf raking month, as you must know), as well as thoughts on the joys of pigeon watching and a lament to the banning of creosote. You can even print off your own certificate, noting your membership in the National Council of Dull Men. How many people do you know with one of those?

Thanks to NAM Board Member Kendig Kneen for sending us this link. He is anything but dull, we can assure you, but the dull men among us really appreciated getting the link. We think you’ll enjoy it — hours of fun.

Now let us go off and watch the pigeons….