Friday Follies Bonus: Glad He Wasn’t a Jerry Rice Fan…..

By October 21, 2005Friday Follies

Friday FolliesBeen a long, tough week, thought you deserved a second Friday Follies item, in case the Bow-Lingual item didn’t trip your trigger. Thanks to Ben Domenech for passing this gem along. Here’s a story from the AP about an Oklahoma defendant who was being sentenced to 30 years for “shooting with intent to kill” (sounds like attempted murder, no?) and robbery.

The judge was all set to honor a plea agreement that had been reached and duly sentence him to 30 years when the defendant spoke up and asked for thee more years to make it an (un-)even 33, so it would match Larry Bird’s jersey number. Apparently, the felon is a huge Larry Bird fan. The judge, who apparently was in an accommodating mood that day, complied with the defendants’ request and duly tacked on an additional 3 years to the pre-agreed term and sentenced him to the Larry Bird-magic number of 33 years in jail. Don’t you just love happy endings?

All we could think of when we read it was that we were glad for this guy that he wasn’t a big Jerry Rice fan…