End Lawsuit Abuse: Uno Mas

By October 26, 2005Briefly Legal

A vote is expected Thursday on H.R. 420, the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act. This is the third vote in a trilogy of votes aimed at reining in the lawsuit culture in this country. Remember, we spend more of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on lawsuits in this country than any one of these countries spend on their entire GDP. The first two bills, you’ll recall, passed by a comfortable margin last week, in part due to the enormous number of manufacturers who weighed in through the blog and otherwise. We need you again.

This one puts teeth into Rule 11, the rule that ostensibly prevents the filing of frivolous lawsuits. Some manufacturers would be amazed to find out that such a rule exists — you’d never know it from watching what’s going on out there. This bill will also discourage “forum shopping” — the practice of filing a lawsuit in the most plaintiff-friendly court — by requiring lawsuits to have a relationship with the jurisdiction in which they’re filed. Can you believe we need to legislate this?

We’ll consider these votes to be Key Manufacturing Votes, meaning Members of Congress will be graded on how they vote on this bill. Every Member of Congress received this card on Tuesday. Please take a moment to click here to weigh in once more to help pass this bill and move one step closer to ending the rampant lawsuit culture that chokes innovation, investment and jobs.