Chuck Leavell, Conservationist

By October 5, 2005General

Just couldn’t resist this one from the AP wire:

Chuck Leavell is one of the greatest keyboard players of all time, a guy who’s played with the Allman Brothers (anybody remember “Jessica”?), Clapton (on “Unplugged“) and most recently with the Rolling Stones. Well, as it turns out, he took a break form the Stones’ visit to DC on Monday to go over to the Interior Department and to be named — with his wife — “Outstanding Citizen Stewards” by Interior Secretary Gail Norton. (Heck, manufacturers are Outstanding Citizen Stewards every day!) Says the AP story by John Helprin:

Norton praised the Leavells for turning the 2,000-acre Charlane Plantation that his wife inherited in 1981 into a model tree farm, and for frequent their public talks about what they do. She called their efforts an example of the “cooperative conservation” that a White House-sponsored environmental conference encouraged in August.

So here’s to Chuck Leavell, blazing keyboardist and Outstanding Citizen Steward.

Rock on!