BoingBoing: One Good Blog Deserves Another…

By October 31, 2005General

Continuing our tradition of providing a “shout out” to the blogs who do the same for us, a faithful blog reader — one of our first — and self-professed geek — dropped us a note yesterday to say we were mentioned on BoingBoing. It’s a blog, as he says, for geeks, and a damned popular one at that. Subtitled, “A Directory of Wonderful Things”, they took notice of our manufacturing posters, and we are getting some good traffic as a result. Here’s a link to their mention.

Just wanted to say thanks to BoingBoing and to geeks everywhere. We welcome you all, welcome anyone with an interest in celebrating the making of stuff large and small.

So, to all those first time visitors from BoingBoing, welcome to the world of manufacturing. Its cool over here and we hope you stop by often. Each Wednesday we feature a neat poster and every Saturday a new video of how our stuff is made.