‘Blog Row’: Final Thoughts

By October 21, 2005General

It’s fun to be a part of a “first ever” of anything, but yesterday’s “Blog Row” down at the Capitol was a real hoot. We were impressed by the turnout of Members of Congress and how generous they were with their time. We were also impressed with the message discipline. We kept asking about energy and legal reform, and on the former, they all hammered away at the same points:

— Energy prices are where they are because of 30 years of bad decisions;

— We haven’t built a refinery in this country in 28 years, and not a single Democrat voted for that bill (which passed) a week or so ago;

— Bill Clinton vetoed exploration in ANWR. Had he not, the first oil would be flowing from there, and would be helping boost our domestic supply.

They really were “on message.” So much of the debate today was over the fiscal issues as well. They seem committed to find offsets for the hurricane relief spending, but that’s not an easy job in this town. We wish them well. Again, our hats are off to them for seeing and appreciating the power of the blogs. We were reading e-mails from blog readers off of our Blackberry and asking the questions and then writing the replies on the blog. Ah, technology.

Thanks to the House Republican Leadership for the invite. As we mentioned yesterday, if the Dems invite us, we’ll go see them as well.