Bill to Boost Energy Supply Passes

By October 8, 2005Energy

Yesterday, by the narrow vote of 212-210, the House passed the Gasoline for America’s Security Act, which was a Key Manufacturing Vote, meaning it’s one of the votes on which members of Congress will be evaluated at the end of the the Congressional term. Unfortunately, not a single Democrat in the House voted for the bill.

The legislation would boost the opening of new refineries, speed the permitting process and give refineries more flexibility to boost supply. We have not opened a new refinery in this country since 1976. What do you think has happened to demand during that time? You guessed right. Supply stays the same, demand goes up, prices go up. As old as the hills.

Here’s a link to the letter that John Engler sent to the Congress supporting the bill and here’s a link to our press release, praising Rep. Joe Barton, Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee,for getting this bill done.

Here’s a link to the Roll Call vote on a bill that will boost supply and hopefully begin over time to bring down the cost of fuel. You might want to see how your Member of Congress voted and remember the “No” votes next time you pay more for fuel. Use this link to weigh in with your Member of Congress. Use the “Contact Congress” tag in the upper left hand corner. Just enter your zip code and go.