ANWR: The Map Says it All

By October 28, 2005Energy

Friday FolliesThis one really deserves its own entry, since we talk about it all the time here on the blog. And, it’s a gift from an unlikely source: The Washington Post.

In their article from yesterday which we wrote about below, they included a map of ANWR. To hear the enviros tell it, Alaska would be just paved over and all sorts of damage would be done to the environment if you allowed exploration in ANWR. But in fact, when you look at this map, it really tells the tale. You see Alaska in all it’s vastness, then you see a small green area up north. That’s the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Within the green area is a pretty small red area — the size of Dulles Airport, to be exact. That’s where the drilling would occur.

So feast your eyes and hoist a glass to the Washington Post for putting this dispute in its rightful context. Oh, and did we forget to mention? The drilling would only take place during the time of year when the ground is frozen.

Sure puts it in context, doesn’t it? Have you dropped a note to your Member of Congress or Senators yet? What are you waiting for?