Another Victory!

By October 21, 2005Briefly Legal

Thanks to all of you who weighed in with your Members of Congress this week on Lawsuit Abuse Week — it obviously worked. The Congress put a another one in the barn today with the passage of S. 397, which prohibits lawsuits against manufacturers of a legal and non-defective product (in this case, firearms) that are used illegally. This stops some very real creeping of lawsuits by unscrupulous trial lawyers (forgive the redundancy). This one passed 283-144. Click here to see how your member of Congress voted.

It was clear from the congressional discussions yesterday that legal reform is on their screens. Bravo to the Congress for bringing these bills to swift and overwhelming passage. It is what we would consider a good start, but a start nonetheless. We still have far to go.

Thanks again, all of you who weighed in. It made a difference. Here’s a link to our press release from today, hailing the vote.