An Even Better ANWR Map

By October 29, 2005Energy

Map of ANWR We got a bunch of comments here and over on RedState about yesterday’s post on the ANWR map. Some folks got out their magnifying glasses and micrometers and cried “foul!”, claiming that the area in question was actually larger than Dulles Airport after all. Wow, people have gobs of time on their hands these days, it seems.

In the interest of science, here’s a better map — this from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, a pretty good source for all things ANWR, we’d guess. You’ll see that the drilling footprint is even smaller than that shown on the Washington Post map.

So to all the naysayers, we say, “Sorry — you were right. The map was wrong”. In fact the drilling will happen in even a smaller footprint than shown. Thanks for pointing that out.

Click on the image to enlarge it, or you can go to this link to see it on the website.