An Appointee in the World of Instant Opinions, Take Two

By October 5, 2005Judicial Nominations

Got a call from a reporter yesterday, asking all about our process for evaluating Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. We dutifully went over chapter and verse of our Judicial Review Committee, our criteria, etc., all stuff that regular blog readers know by heart.

But then he said, that “the official NAM blog” (guess we never thought of this as “official” anything….) was, as he read it, advocating for Miers in yesterday’s post. Ah, language is so imprecise…

We explained that the point we were trying to make was that this is a world of instant opinions and it seems that everyone — instantly — has an opinion on her qualifications when in truth, no one really knows all that much about her. The post was not to advocate but was to call for a respite and to say that groups ought not rush to judgment — as we have not — and should be deliberate — as we intend to be. In other words, everybody should be more like us: Perfect. We will have a decision all in good time.

Hope that clears things up.