By October 20, 2005General

Thanks, all, for participating, thanks to all who sent questions. We asked as many as we could, some were answered, but we teed up questions on energy and legal reform to just about everyone, want to keep it on the top of the mind, top of the pile. It’s a little after 1:45, and we’re now adjourned. Eric Cantor finished up, finished well.

His coda: “Our job is to provide an environment for the private sector to grow.”

What a concept. May it be ever thus.


PS: here is a list of all those who attended (click on their name for a link to find out their voting record and how to contact them)

Member District
Gohmert   TX-1
Pryce   OH-15
Pence   IN-6
Dreier   CA-26
Brady   TX-8
Kingston   GA-1
Gingrey   GA-11
Garrett   NJ-05
Blackburn   TN-7
Pearce   NM-2
Chocola   IN-2
Cannon   UT-3
Lungren   CA-3
Kennedy   MN-6
Harris   FL-13
Inglis   SC-4
Franks   AZ-2
Conaway   TX-11

Wilson   SC-2
Carter   TX-31
Cantor   VA-7