Wednesday Poster of the Week: ‘You Prosper When Factories Prosper’

By September 14, 2005Miscellaneous

You Prosper When Factories ProsperWhat? You thought among all this hubbub over the Roberts hearings we’d forget the Wednesday Poster of the Week? No way! This week we reach back again into our vintage poster series (thanks again to Noah Cohrssen for digging though the stacks up at Hagley), and finding this gem from our billboard campaign with the Outdoor Advertising Association in the 30’s and 40’s that reached every town with a population over 2500, some 65,000,000 people in all. Once again you see the family, awash in prosperity (wow, the grocer actually carries their stuff to the car!) and the inset showing the folks heading off to a day in the factory of old.

Factories look a lot different today, both inside and out, and the old gent doesn’t carry your bags to the car for you anymore (unless they’re his groceries), but the message is still timeless, still captures the heart of manufacturing:

“You Prosper When Factories Prosper”

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