The Week Ahead: Katrina and John Roberts

By September 12, 2005General

Expect a busy week in this space. There will be more news on the Katrina relief efforts, as we plan to roll out the jobs bank and see it fully operational.

This week also begins the confirmation hearings on Judge John Roberts to be the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. There will be a lot of theater and a little bit of content. We will be providing updates and commentary throughout the week and also teeing up action steps, asking you to weigh in as needed.

It’s funny — all the partisan bickering over Judge Roberts has created this din of white noise that has drowned out all awareness of the Roberts confirmation in the public’s mind. A Pew Research Center study reported last week that only 18% of the public said they were following the progress of the nomination”very closely.” A full 54% said they weren’t paying much or any attention to it at all. However — a fact not widely reported — by almost 2-to-1, those polled supported his confirmation.

Well, the good news is that we are paying attention and will keep you updated. We have endorsed him — the first business group to do so — and unlike most groups in this fray, we even had criteria by which to evaluate him, and he came out swimmingly. Here’s a one-pager on why we care, to get you in the mindset for what promises to be almost interesting week.