The Wednesday Poster: When Wheels Go ‘Round The Whole Town Profits

By September 21, 2005Miscellaneous

When the Wheels Go 'Round The Whole Town Profits Even though this is the week we hope Judge Roberts’ nomination gets voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, we still wanted to work in a Wednesday Poster of the Week, another vintage one from our campaign with the Outdoor Advertising Association of the 30’s and 40’s, reaching 65 million people. This one is also good, also still true: “When Wheels Go ‘Round, the Whole Town Profits.” (Of course, we should also note that manufacturers are also on the leading edge of innovation when it comes to pollution control so it doesn’t look quite the same as in the poster….) In all those towns in “Auto Alley” that make cars and all the many parts for cars and all those parts that go in parts in cars, they can well understand — they are a huge sector of the economy. Manufacturers are there every day, making the wheels — and the economy — go ’round.

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