The Saturday Video: Glass Bottles

By September 10, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

If you read the blog long enough, you begin to get a feel for the more subtle biases of the blogger-in-chief. You’ll see, for example, an inordinate amount of attention paid to guitars, for example. Well, you’ll also see an inordinate amount of attention paid to glass manufacturing. That’s because the blogger-in-chief spent four summers in an Owens-Illinois glass bottle manufacturing plant in North Bergen, NJ (and one summer making cars for Mr. Ford in Mahwah, NJ). So there is this fascination with glass.

And so it is that this week’s video comes to us from Bryan Vickers at the Glass Packaging Institute, per a request (nattering, it was) from our good friend Dan Steen of Owens-Illinois. It is a video (and a pretty darned accurate one, if memory serves) of the glass-making process. It starts with the sand, soda ash and limestone, goes all the way though the oven at some 2300-2800 degrees, and comes out the other end as a bottle. Amazing. Saw it a million times first hand, it’s still fascinating.

So happy Saturday, all. Hope you enjoy this 9-minute video. In fact, maybe you’re drinking out of a glass bottle right now. Either way, we think you’ll find this video of sand into glass as fascinating as we did, even if you’ve never been there. Here’s a link to the video.