The Saturday Video: Campbell’s Soup, Mmmm… Mmmm… Good

By September 24, 2005Cool Stuff Being Made

There are few manufactured products that are as identified with Americana as Campbell’s Soup. The distinct and omnipresent red-and-white can has been Andy Warhol-ized into icon status. Better still, the ingredients hold indelible memories for all of us, whether chicken noodle, alphabet, or the mushroom that mom used to dump on just about anything to pretty it up. Growing up, what cold winter day would be complete without a bowl of Campbell Soup?

Well, the stuff doesn’t grow on trees and it doesn’t make itself. It comes at the end of a very long process, from the farms to your bowl. This 13-minute video profiles the making of potato soup, from the pomme-de-terre out of the earth to the can rolling off the line. The manufacturing begins in earnest at about the 4 minute, 30 second mark, but the journey to there is fun and interesting as well.

So once again, sit back, maybe open a can of Campbell Soup and enjoy our Saturday Video.